Founded in 2004, TXRE Properties, LLC is a boutique commercial real estate investment and property management company focusing on serving clients and customers in the Dallas & Fort Worth, Texas area. We leverage our knowledge, experience, resources, and dedicated staff to provide high-quality lease space and tailored investment solutions. Our team specializes in acquiring and caring for multi-tenant commercial office buildings. We analyze each property from the ground up and adapt our services to match market conditions and create a long-term competitive advantage. Throughout the years, our service capacity has grown from 60,000 square feet to over 3 million square feet throughout Dallas, Fort Worth, and Arlington, Texas.

At TXRE, we value people above all else. Our team of professionals drives our success and propels our philosophy of continuous improvement to new heights. We take pride in hiring, training, and retaining the industry’s most talented, dedicated, and experienced real estate and property management professionals. Our goal is not to complete the maximum quantity of transactions, but to provide the highest-quality, personalized solutions to drive long-term growth and profitability for our clients.

We consolidate leasing with property management to provide streamlined service to tenants and owners and instill a sense of pride and ownership amongst our team. With targeted marketing solutions, professional maintenance and repairs, and comprehensive financial reporting, we cover all bases to drive home long-term success.

The TXRE Process of Value Creation

  • Identify value-added property enhancements
  • Implement targeted marketing to minimize vacancies
  • Securing cost-effective labor and materials to optimize operations

Our track record in creating long-term value for our clients’ investments stands among the industry’s best. Please contact us to learn more about our available rentals and property management services.